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Song Of The Day – 1/25/11

Song Of The Day – “Voice Poetry” by Ornette Coleman from the album “Body Meta”

Back in 1978, Ornette Coleman formed his first double trio, “Prime Time,” and began releasing records on his own Texas-based record label called Artist House Records. “Body Meta” was recorded in 1976 and featured Jamaaladeen Tacuma on bass, Charles Ellerbee and Bern Nix on guitars, and Ronald Shannon Jackson and his son Denardo Coleman on drums. The short-lived label also released terrific and challenging records by James “Blood” Ulmer and Waymon Reed. While by no means top 40 music, the record was one of Coleman’s easier to listen to records providing a good entry point for those into discovering more about him and his Harmolodic sound.

Edited: January 25th, 2011