Song Of The Day – 2/10/11

Song Of The Day – “Happy Birthday” by Ryan Adams & the Cardinals

There are only a few artists I can think of who are so prolific that they have high-quality songs pouring out of them at all times they never get to release…or never get to release them when they want to.  Prince comes to mind…so does Ryan Adams who is said to have hundreds of unreleased recordings in the vault.  At the end of last year, Adams released the album “III/IV” consisting of leftovers from his 2007 “Easy Tiger” album. If it had been released earlier, this stellar collection of 20 songs would have easily made my top five albums from last year. If this is the caliber of off-cuts he’s got stored away, bring the rest on!  At first listen, this particular song seems like a cool song to add to the canon of Birthday songs…on closer inspection it strikes me as one of the more harrowing entries into the world of addiction.  I’m not sure if he’s singing about a rebirth after he became clean, or if it’s just the opposite…”Happy Birthday…I’m your birthday cake…and I’m lit…”

Posted: February 10th, 2011 under Music, Rock.
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