Song Of The Day – 1/8/11

Song Of The Day – “Now” by The Artist (aka Prince)

This song was widely available on the “Now” bootleg at least a year before it’s official release on the 1994 album “The Gold Experience.” This was the beginning of a very long period in the wilderness for Prince when he changed his name and sported the word “Slave” on his cheek in an effort to get out of his Warner Bros. contract. Warner Bros. did not want him to release more than a record every couple of years, while Prince was readying records at a breakneck pace and wanted them out in the marketplace in a more timely fashion. He eventually got what he wanted…and then began to release many albums, some of which were amazing (“Emancipation”) and some that were pretty lame (“Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic”). “The Gold Experience” was his last official release while still signed to Warner Bros., and he left the label on a high note.  Having seen Prince in concert numerous times over the years, I can easily make the claim that he is one of the most kinetic dynamos on stage effortlessly trading off instruments and leaving all others in the dust. Prince is back to touring again this year…and if you’ve never seen him…”NOW” is the time!

Posted: January 8th, 2011 under Music, Prince, R'n'B/Soul.
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