Song Of The Day – 11/20/10

Song Of the Day – “When I Turn Off The Living Room Light” by The Kinks from the album “The Great Lost Kinks Album”

This hilarious song was an unreleased castoff recorded and unused for a British TV show from the early 70s.  It finds Ray Davies doing what he does best…taking the simple things in life, injecting them with sly humor and setting it all to a great melody.  “The Great Lost Kinks Album” was originally released in 1973 as a contractual obligation record when the Kinks jumped labels from Reprise to RCA.  The band found out about the existence of the record when it hit the Billboard charts and they immediately took legal action to have the record removed from the market making it a collectible today.  It’s a shame since the record holds together as a great set of music, even though many of the songs have since been issued as bonus tracks on CDs.

Listen: “When I Turn Off The Living Room Light” by The Kinks

Posted: November 20th, 2010 under Music, Rock, The Kinks.