Super Bowl Song Of The Day – 2/5/12


Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “Giant For A Day” by Gentle Giant

By 1978 when Gentle Giant released the “Giant For A Day” album, they were trying to score a radio hit. Their previous “Missing Piece” album was also radio ready, but Punk Rock was burgeoning and Gentle Giant found themselves irrelevant to that fan base. With their new radio friendly material, they were becoming irrelevant to their fan base as well. It’s a shame, because in retrospect, the “Giant For A Day” album is not a bad one. But that’s not the reason I chose this song for Super Bowl Sunday Song Of The Day. I’m a NY Jets fan, but since they didn’t rise to the heights they should have this season, I guess I’m just a Giant fan for a day…let the game begin…go Big Blue!

Posted: February 5th, 2012 under Gentle Giant, Music, Rock.
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